Bulgarian views


Our production house is based in heart of Sofia, but we are affiliated with several studios around the world, allowing us to readily access the various locations your production requires.


Bulgaria has become one of the leading production hubs in Europe, servicing as an ideal filming ground to some of the biggest Hollywood productions. It is everything you could want as a filmmaker.

The richness and diversity of the natural scenery in Bulgaria is truly unique- six Forest and lush green valleys, mountain ranges, pristine rivers and lakes that stretch across all the way to the coast of the Black Sea, where there are beaches with Golden Sands and picturesque cliffs that make breathtaking views, all this within an area of land you can travel across in just a few hours.

Cultural historical sites and original urban locations offers a huge range architectural style.

For further information and pictures visit: bulgariatravel.org

The continental climate of Bulgaria offers the picturesque variety, from sunny summers, blossoming springs, colorful autumns and snowy white winters.

General Information

National name: Republic of Bulgaria
Official language: Bulgarian
Alphabet: Cyrillic
Capital: Sofia
Area: 110,994 sq km/ 42,855sq mi
Population: 7.102 million
Time difference: GMT +2
Currency: Bulgarian Leva (BGN)


January 1: New Year   March 3: National Liberation Day   May 1: International Labor Day 

Orthodox Easter: from Good Friday to the second day of Easter   May 6: St George’s Day

May 24: Day of the Bulgarian Education, Culture and Slav Letters  

September 6: Unification Day   September 22: Independence Day   December 24 – 26: Christmas


Bulgaria and the European Union’s Common Visa Policy: The European Union’s Common Visa Policy applies (subject to the terms of the Accession Treaty). Visa-free regime for holders of Schengen visas for a stay of up to 90 days. Currently Bulgaria issues national visas only. These visas do not give their holders the right to enter other states in the Schengen area. For the latest information on visa requirements, go to the website of The Diplomatic Mission of Bulgaria in your country Or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria


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