Administrative Services

Free Dolphin Studios can supervise, organize and arrange working permits or visas for cast, directors and producers from around the world. We will organize all the local paperwork, from contracts with the local companies, to payments of Social Security, pension & health contribution for the individual crew.


Free Dolphin Studios is registered for VAT in Bulgaria. The standard VAT rate is 20%. Most supplies in Bulgaria are liable to VAT. Reduced rates and exemptions are available. We will follow up on the VAT returns that will be available on a monthly or quarterly basis for reimbursement.

TAX Rebate

Even before the incentive, Bulgaria has been viewed as an attractive place to shoot high budget international film and TV. Since the beginning of 2021 Bulgaria has announced a tax rebate law of 25% on local expenses. As a resident corporation, we are eligible to apply and will assist with all the procedures and the documents.

Certificate of Origin

Free Dolphin Studios is registered with the National Film Center (NFC). We can deliver a European Certificate of Origin with your movie, if needed.

Crystal Inferno (behind the scenes).